Enterprise Culture

We always focus on the research and development of new silicone materials and new processes, and continues to make innovations in the spirit of serving our customers, with the goal of to becoming the industry leader in the field of new silicone materials.

We always pay attention to the development and needs of our customers, and continues to innovate in order to provide high quality  silicone product solutions and services to continuously provide the best value for our customers.

Our core values are based on Customer achievement, integrity, continuous innovation and people-oriented.

Customers satisfactions are our goal and motivation; we always pay attention to needs of our customers and listen to their problems.

we see the our customer's problem as our own problem, by working with the customer, we can provide the best products and solution.

We believe that in order to be successful at business we have to be successful being a genuine people.being inherent is a must and integrity is a fundamental; we will always maintain fairness, justice, honesty, and trustworthiness; respect ourselves, respect others, respect objective laws, respect the company's system,thus promote self-love and Self-reliance.

Innovation is not only an excellent working method, but also an excellent life's belief; we continue to inspire individual creativity in ways, methods and content, improve innovation mechanisms, and promote technology through comprehensive technological innovation, management innovation, and business model innovation,driving the growth of our company.