Riyue Lake Development Training



On March 31, 2018, the company organized 49 sales and technical personnel to reach the Riyue Lake base in the Shanwei Special Cooperation Zone in Shenzhen. The day was titled "Do not forget the original heart, build dreams and sail - YOZHO Technology 2018 Outdoor Development Training Camp".         Training camp start-up ideas:

problem found

Find problems yourself and find common problems with the team

Cognitive problem

Recognize your own problems and recognize the impact of your own problems on the team

Solve the problem

Cultivate a good mentality to solve problems and work together to improve the status of the team

Training camp design activities:

Ice breaking and guiding

Team integration, breaking barriers, building team standards

Challenge 2018

Quickly experience the skills needed to create an effective team (plan, organize, direct, coordinate, control)

Warm-up activities

Active mind and body, mobilizing enthusiasm

Beach landing

Cultivate the ability of leadership and division of labor to master the rational use and distribution of resources

Graduation wall

Enhance the cohesiveness between the teams, further consolidate the sense of team and team, and the peak of teamwork!

Send diamonds

Feeling, experiencing, sharing the true feelings, friendship, and sublimation of the team

After one day of training, each of the students was full of harvest, gained a smile, gained friendship, gained confidence, gained trust, and more importantly, expanded the team's cohesiveness and collaboration ability for the future. The work has laid a solid foundation, 2018 we are brave! !